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Spoilt Rotten celebrates their 7th Anniversary!

Well, as the saying goes ‘time flies when you’re having fun!’. Monday 9th January 2023 see’s us celebrating the 7th Anniversary of our wonderful ‘Spoilt Rotten’. We are incredibly proud of the journey we’ve had so far and look forward to many more years taking extra special care of the doggies who visit us.

In just 7 years we have achieved so much, we couldn’t have done it without the support and dedication of our team and YOU; our amazing, loyal and supportive clients and your gorgeous doggies! From many recommendations to block bookings for the year, our success is because of you. Thank you soon.

We have been recognised, 5 years running, for our Service Excellence which means the world to us and racked up a whopping 15 prestigious business awards, including Entrepreneur Of The Year and Business Woman Of The Year. This makes me prouder then I can put in to words and helps me to grow further on my journey being a leader, mentor and manager to my team.

I became the first Internationally Certified Master Groomer, in 2022, in the whole of BUCKS and am the highest qualified dog groomer for many miles, through many counties. I am proud to be leading my team.

We welcomed our third baby to our family, little Sienna and since day one our team size has grown from 1 team member to a team of 20!

We put our hearts and souls and everything we had in to building Spoilt Rotten from scratch and our passion and love for dogs is in the thousands of returning doggies who visit our salons, we see dogs travelling through many counties and some even travelling from overseas; we strive to deliver the highest level of care, compassion, skill and expertise that your dog deserves at a local, independent, family run business. At these times supporting small, independent businesses is key, you are not only supporting a business, but a family.

Our ethos is built on treating every dog as if they were our own and creating a bespoke experience for each individual dog, they are all individuals and need care tailored to themselves, with extra time, patience, compassion and care for extra special doggies. We welcome all dogs, all breeds, a safe, positive, calming and friendly experience for them to build their trust and understanding which in turn creates a happy experience for them.

With a team of 60+ years joint experience and a highly qualified you know you have made the right choice.

We would like to thank each and every one of our wonderful visiting doggies, clients,

family, friends and supporters who have been part of the Spoilt Rotten journey.

We have LOTS AND LOTS of exciting n

ew services, products and treats for your and your Spoilt Rotten doggies in store for 2023... see you soo

And just a reminder we have opened up the block booking to Dec 2023, so to secure your doggies space drop us an email to be added to the list.

Natasha & Dave xxx

Some of our wonderful team, below, this reminds me we need to organise Paul Upward to come and take some new team photos as we have grown significantly...


Call ☎️ 01753424260 for #chalfontstpeter or 02084298651 for #pinner to book on a first come first served basis… booking up to Dec 2023...



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