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Oh my goodness, we got silver Best Customer Service Award!!


WE WON SILVER BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE I literally can’t believe it!!

We are all buzzing and on top of the world this morning!!

In another extremely big category of amazing companies we were awarded this prestigious award, this is the fifth year running that #spoiltrotten has been recognised for our high level customer service and it means so much to us. We put everything we have into ensuring the best experience for your doggies and to get recognition like this means so much to us especially after the incredibly difficult Covid experience we have all been through what a light at the end of the tunnel

I literally can’t believe it!!

On top of this in a huge category of amazingly talented, inspirational and hard working women I got Bronze Business Woman Of The Year?!

From just a small start-up business wanting to make a difference for all doggies in the local area to a multi award-winning two branch professional grooming salon who see doggies visiting from different counties and countries for our services, this is a dream come true and it continues to get better day on day, week on week, year on year...

We couldn’t have done it without our amazing team who continue to deliver such a high level of service and take great care and passion in looking after your precious babies, we are here for them and that’s all it’s about #Makingadifference #Onedogatatime

I can’t believe we are over 5 1/2 years old already, what does the future lie what growth will be next what’s in the pipeline for Spoilt Rotten and your doggies

Lots of love Natasha, Dave and our team

#mkbucksawards #recognition #smeawardsuk @eventsandpr @smeawardsuk

#chalfontstpeter 01753424260 #pinner 02084298651


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