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WOW where have the last 4 years gone!!

Well I really don't know where to start... I'm thrilled, proud, fulfilled and honoured that today is Spoilt Rotten's 4th Anniversary, and what an AMAZING 4 years we have had!! How has 4 years flown by so quickly?? It's literally been a #dreamcometrue

It feels like the last 4 years has gone quicker than the 4 years prior in my life because with Spoilt Rotten we have had such an exciting and non-stop forward moving journey with so much achieved and yet still so much to come... since that first day, a cold Saturday morning, and it was very cold... 10am... a small gathering of family, friends and local neighbours joining us to see what was popping up on their wonderful High Street... and what a month to start in the quietest of the year...

Photo of our Grandparents opening the first Salon...

I remember it vividly, my proud Grandpa (aged 93) and my proud Nanny (in-law) doing the honours of officially cutting the ribbon and announcing Spoilt Rotten officially OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Moments before... were of panic trying to somehow get the ribbon tied across the door... logistics... but my very prepared mother-in-law had it all in hand and we swiftly opened at 10am... to move inside to the warmth. Our boys, Archie (aged 3) and Oscar (aged 4 months) had the best day ever, family, dogs & cake their 3 favourite things!! It was a long but very enjoyable day.

There's so much of a story to tell I often joke about writing a book about our journey... maybe one day... but I'd be here all day, perhaps year, typing if I were to relive it all with you now, I would love to but for two reasons I can't today, 1. Every time I write a sentence about what we have achieved or how proud I am of my incredible team and Spoilt Rotten I get very emotional and teary (the same as when I read the heartfelt reviews that our truly loyal and supportive clients write for us) and 2. I am so so so busy managing the two salons we now have I literally don't have enough hours in the day and have the school run soon... I get only 6 hours a week (now both boys are in school full time) working from home during the day, the rest of my time is at the salons/ school runs/ entertaining the children and dogs... and then working through the evenings & nights (pretty much daily) to catch up...

Our highlight of the last 12 months has without a doubt been our huge move into Number 17, who would've thought moving just 10 doors down the road could transform our ability so much to offer even more to your gorgeous Spoilt Rotten doggies. With it comes double the rent, rates and responsibility BUT it was worth every single second of hard work, commitment and investment and we absolutely LOVE our new Salon and so do the doggies!!

Thank you, to each and every single individual who has been a part of the incredible success story that is Spoilt Rotten. Whether you are a key member of our team, have chosen Spoilt Rotten to take care of your baby, have recommended us, or have just popped in to buy a bag of food, to every one who has supported us THANK YOU!

You have been a part of supporting a small young family, who had put everything they had, with a huge risk, into taking on a High Street shop at the top of the hill, and in this current economic climate, to not only survive the 'first two years' but to get to 4 years down the line with 2 salons, having moved in to a new shop more than double the size, have the largest amount of staff since starting and still be fully booked every day of the week... THANK YOU!

I couldn't have done any of this without my husband, of 10 years, my family, of forever, and my hard working, committed and dog crazy team we are one big family and growing all the time... and for them all I am forever grateful and thankful.

If you have read this far, I really appreciate you taking the time and interest in me and Spoilt Rotten, I set up Spoilt Rotten because of my passion for doggies and their well-being and I wanted to support doggies around me. I taught myself how to groom 13 years ago so I could groom my own doggies, I completed my Level 3 City & Guilds Certificate for my own recognition a few years later, I like to push myself so I then completed my Level 3 City & Guilds Diploma and am one of only a few fully qualified dog groomers for many miles, I then went on to become a Certified Salon Professional and am working towards becoming an International Certified Master Groomer. I set up Spoilt Rotten whilst working as a Veterinary Practice manager (which eventually I had to leave to focus my time on Spoilt Rotten). By choosing Spoilt Rotten you have entrusted me with your baby, and I will continue to put everything I have into ensuring they only ever receive the best and most dedicated level of care, compassion and love that they deserve.

Because they mean the world to us and deserve to be Spoilt Rotten!

Lots of love Natasha x

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