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Puppies puppies puppies

Another day another gorgeous puppy, this little girlie is a Cockerpoo called Roxy who has just signed up to our Spoilt Rotten Puppy Experience Package 😍 it was her first ever salon experience 😀 Look at her little face 😍

Call now to book your puppy on to the Spoilt Rotten Puppy experience!

Sign up today, for all puppies aged 12 weeks plus, 3 visits, free slicker brush, free demo plus more! Although we have a waiting list for an appointment we will always make time to book in young puppies as it's so important they get in whilst they are so young ideally as soon as they can start going out after their 2nd vaccinations

We are so pleased to be invited to be part of The Wheelhouse Veterinary Centre puppy classes so we can help share our knowledge and expertise with their wonderful new puppy owners... and might I add I highly recommend them and their services #topclass #thepracticeofchoice

This is what a Spoilt Rotten Puppy experience looks like (follow us on Facebook to see our videos of puppy plans and much more)... this is how we use calming voices, gentle hands, treats and love to settle and reassure such vulnerable dogs into a sense of security and relaxation oh and then there's puppy play before home time SPOILT ROTTEN PUPPY PLANS: 3 visits... from the age of 12 weeks... we'll always book them an appointment for the same week they turn 12 weeks old because of the importance of starting them young.

Chalfont St Peter 01753424260 Pinner 02084298651

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