Did you know about the Spoilt Rotten Puppy Package?

Wonderful Wilson the English Cocker Spaniel after his Spoilt Rotten Puppy Package which included 3 visits 4 weeks apart... Spoilt Rotten Puppy Package: - 🐾 Starting from 12 weeks old 🐾 3 puppy session visits 🐾 FREE equipment 🐾 FREE demonstration 🐾 Graduation 🐾 1/3 off reduced package Enquire today...

Wilson's 1st visit

These packages make a huge difference to the puppies settling into the grooming experience and they have A LOT of fun, fuss and treats 😀❤🐶 www.spoiltrottendog.com 📞 01753424260 📞 02084298651 #cockerspaniel #puppypackage #startthemyoung #spoiltrottendog

Wilson's 2nd visit, after his bath before his trim

Wilson's 3rd visit, look how big he is now!

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