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Has your dog been Spoilt Rotten with our Spruce Up Package? Meet lovely Ralph the Goldendoodle after

Ralph Goldendoodle

Ralph, a real sweetie Mini Goldendoodle came in for his Spruce Up, his coat wasn't quite ready for a full groom so instead to keep his coat in it'a best condition and prevent matting from starting he was Spoilt Rotten with our Spruce Up Package, this included 2 shampoos/ condition, full body massage, deep cleaning, blast to remove the dead skin, blow dry maintaining the best condition of his coat, a thorough brush through and scissor tidy his paws/ face/ feet & hygiene area... he also had an ear clean and pedicure!

Because all doggies who visit Spoilt Rotten are extra special they get a little bow for their collar and a special long lasting cologne or perfume spray to make them smell even more scrumptious!

Ralph took an extra liking to my hubby who was helping me for the day, for both of them it was love at first sight! If you met Ralph you'd see why we love him so much, he is adorable!

We are already looking forward to seeing Ralph at his next visit in 4 weeks :-)

goldendoodle #lovefordogs #spruceup # spoiltrottendog

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