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Introducing local rescue DikkieDoolittles, Amersham

We are seeing more and more very gorgeous and loving newly rescued doggies from abroad, and want to do all that we can to support the amazing work of such charities supporting these dogs.

I'd like to introduce Dickie Doolittles Animal Rescue, they are based locally in Amersham and welcome any support.

We will be running a 'feed a stray for Christmas' campaign and Dickie Doolittles are one of 2 charities we are going to donate to.

Please *share* with your friends, or anyone you may know that is looking for a new living companion to welcome into their family.

WE ARE ALSO LOOKING FOR YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR WHO THE 2ND CHARITY TO RECEIVE 50% OF THE DONATIONS SHOULD BE, please comment on this thread why you are putting them forward and all will be considered no matter how big or small the charity may be.

What We Do

We are a non profit organisation and rely on donations, fund raisers and gifts that are donated for our auction.

Any money we have goes to rescuing dogs from the UK, Bulgaria and Turkey, here is a bit about why we have concentrated our efforts here:

UK Kennels

We are often contacted by the dog warden (on behalf of the council), or the holding kennels that house dogs before they go to the larger rescue centres (RSPCA/Battersea etc). All centres only have enough space to take a certain amount of dogs, so there are always some that are not chosen, these are sadly put to sleep if the holding kennel can’t find a home for them (this is never a decision taken lightly by everyone involved yet still happens). We get no funding for these dogs and they are usually not castrated or spayed so the money that is donated and raised goes towards this.