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Pudding left out in the rain on Xmas eve

This is little Pudding, he was adopted by his amazing Mummy earlier this year after a very traumatic experience last Xmas eve 2015.

Poor Pudding, who might I add is the most beautiful, sweet little dog you would have ever met, was abandoned and left out in the rain whilst everyone was busy out and about doing their shopping little Pudding was left cold, lonely and scared.

He was picked up by the RSPCA and taken to warmth and comfort. He was in the most awful condition and had to have an extremely severe clip-off almost to his skin. Soon after he was adopted by the most loving, committed and caring couple.

As Pudding's hair was so matted it was clipped so short under sedation at a veterinary practice, he hasn't needed a hair cut for a good few months. So his new mummy was doing her homework to find a suitable dog groomers for him. We are completely privileged to have been trusted with Pudding, understandably Pudding's new mummy (Rachel) was apprehensive about leaving him with anybody but after chatting and getting to know us she was happy to book his first hair cut in. Pudding settled well when he visited us, he has already started to build a trust with us, which is so important to us.

PHOTOS: when he was found by the rspca Dec 2015, after his severe clip off at the vets under sedation Dec 2015 and after his first 'proper' pamper session at Spoilt Rotten.

Here's Pudding after his first 'proper' pamper session, it was all about him and he LOVED every second.

Being an OAP (14 years old) we let Pudding have several breaks and was able to stand and sit however and whenever he wanted, the experience was entirely at his own pace. We treat every dog we the best care and attention, and those a little older or with medical conditions are treated with extra extra care and accommodated for. Every dog who visits gets 1 to 1 attention from start to finish, so they have a calm, relaxed and enjoyable experience. Even when they are waiting to be picked up their well being and happiness is our priority, if they are not happy waiting alone then we give them even more attention, little Pudding spent a few minutes managing the reception desk with me and baby Oscar, he was in his element and Oscar was happy too!

Pudding has since been back for his second hair cut, and really striving with his new lease of life. He has certainly landed on his feet with such a devoted family, he even has his own bedroom.

We understand how important your doggies are to you, as ours are to us, and how very important it is that you choose the right grooming salon environment for them. It is our job to look after them as well as you do when you leave them with us, and we strive everyday to do our very best. We are honoured, that each and every one of our clients chose Spoilt Rotten for their dog(s).


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