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Feast of St Peter

We had a great day on Saturday at Feast of St Peter, on Goldhill Commin, Chalfont St Peter.

Thank you to everyone for your support and for helping us raise funds for the Medical Detection Dogs Charity, we raised £100 in total from selling raffle tickets and guesses of how many biscuits were in the jar to win the mystery prize!

We hope all doggies who came early for a goody bag enjoy it and we hope to continue to see lots of new faces in our Boutique for more treats.

Thank you to Daisy Spring for your help today, Sarah-Jane Hunter for all your prep work, Janine Barnes for coming to run the shop but entertaining Archie at the fete and to Dave Hutchinson for doing the housework with Oscar whilst I was out all day. It was such a good day, even with on and off showers.

Thank you also to Geoffrey, from MDD, for coming along to talk to passers by about the wonderful work of the sniffer dogs. They truly are amazing!

I even caught a loose doggy getting himself into trouble with another dog and found him a home at the information desk until his parents came for him, he wasn't happy with me catching him though he was much more happy wandering the fete... cheeky monkey!

We also had a 10 min break where we (Archie) entered Myrtle into the prettiest bitch competition... handled by Archie (3 years old) he had fun although didn't quite understand why he didn't win 😁

All in all a great day, and as ever thank you to all of our lovely clients and supporters of Spoilt Rotten, we really are grateful for your continued support🐾❤🐕

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