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Are you waiting for a Spoilt Rotten appointment?

To our lovely clients,

We have a LAST MINUTE space available THIS WEEK at Chalfont St Peter and Pinner...

CALL NOW, please always leave a message if we are unable to answer and we will get back to you, if you want to take advantage of this as they will be on a first come first served basis...

We have been updating our cancellation list as some doggies have been on there for quite a while as unfortunately we haven't had a chance to book them in, as cancellations don't come up very often... please call us if you want to stay on the cancellation list otherwise we will be starting a fresh list from today.

We strongly recommend that if we don't have a space that you book the 'next available appointment' and also go on the cancellation list, that way you will have a secured appointment, otherwise the 'next available' will continue to get further and further away. Once you have an appointment we recommend pre booking future appointments, we also offer block booking for those super organised...

We will also be having a small price review as of 1st May, this won't necessarily effect every breed, this is to support the growing costs of suppliers, consumables and running a small independent business, we hope you understand.

We thank you for your continued support and co-operation during these extremely busy times, we will do our best to get your doggy booked in to be Spoilt Rotten and strive to offer the highest level of care we can.

Chalfont St Peter 01753424260

Pinner 02084298651

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