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We're 2 today!!

We're 2 today!!

What an amazing first 2 years we have had, an absolute dream come true from the day Spoilt Rotten opened to provide a service to all doggies and their parents with top level care, compassion, love and skill on all aspects of their experience... following the demand of this experience Spoilt Rotten expanded to the High Street of Chalfont St Peter 9th January 2016.

In 2 years we have grown from a small team of just me and 1 stylist (plus little Oscar who was helping me aged 4 months old whilst Archie was at school, he was literally under my desk in his bouncer playing at times!) to now having a much larger team made up of incredibly dedicated dog loving individuals who together form one big family of 9 (plus my 2 boys assisting from time to time, Oscar is 2 years and 5 months old and loves greeting the dogs and picking products from the huge suppliers I'm sure he thinks it's toys r' us and Archie is 5 years and 4 months old and when not at school helps me unpack orders and stick on the price tags of products, he loves playing shop!) and all of our 4 legged companions who support us daily!), 2 locations, 1122 Likes on Facebook, 135 5* reviews Facebook only, and thousands of amazing, adorable, friendly, loving, grateful, gorgeous and very cherished Spoilt Rotten doggies (and their wonderful parents of course, without whom your doggies wouldn't have experienced Spoilt Rotten, as they're not all on Facebook or Twitter yet lol)

We have been to 3 Award Galas, including National Finals at Wembley Stadium! Won an award for Customer Service Excellence, came runner up for 'Best New Business of the Year 2017', runner up 'Entrepreneur of the Year 2017', and runner up 'Best Small Business of the Year' at 3 prestigious business award events!! I was in shock!!

We had our first experience of Crufts which was AMAZING!! And are there again in just 2 months...

We've Spoilt celeb doggies Rotten too!! And held our first McMillan coffee morning dog dogs...

Made lots of lovely neighbour friends...

Introduced The Doll... (if you have met her then you know who I mean!)

We have introduced new products and services to ensure we always offer you the best of what is available.

We have done live grooming demos at many summer fetes, and look forward to doing many more this year...

I have completed 3/4 of my City & Guilds Diploma, the extended part of the Certificate I have, and became a Certified Salon Professional (hence my name csp, that's not for Chalfont St Peter...) and alongside this continue to work towards achieving my International Master Groomer qualification.

In October 2017 we entered the next Chapter of Spoilt Rotten... and opened our 2nd Salon in Pinner, Middlesex, reaching a whole new area of doggies and their parents, it has been a delight so far!!

We introduced 2 fabulous Salon Managers, Lucy & Aaron who are like my left and right arms lol ensuring the level of service and dedication we strive for is delivered at all times.

What is going to be in the next Chapter... it is going to be interesting and fun!! Part of our 'next step' includes my wonderful hubby joining our team... which will open up a whole new level of services... WATCH THIS SPACE... I can't wait!!

All I can say, as I must get back to my team and the doggies, is THANK YOU, I know it's cliche but words cannot express how much the support from each and every one of you means to me, and my family. I am honoured, from the bottom of my heart, that you have chosen Spoilt Rotten and my team to take care of your very special doggies and that we have so much trust, we will continue to do our utmost to ensure we continually meet your doggies needs, grow and develop to offer you all the best, and most current services, products and love to all the doggies out there they so deserve!

Because they mean the world to us, and deserve to be Spoilt Rotten!

Natasha x

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