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Now that is some serious dematting skill!

Sweet little Milo the Havanese comes regularly for full grooms however with some wet weather and a new padded harness rubbing across his lovely fine, cotton like hair it caused a rather large matted area... which spread quickly across his back, skirt and legs.

Whilst we don't routinely spend more than 15 minutes to 'dematt' dogs with coats in this condition, where the dogs will tolerate the brushing then we will do our best to save their coat.

We LOVE styling at Spoilt Rotten, not just clipping all off, and to style you need a good coat with a nice length... not matted.

Milo was such a good boy and with the best dematting products on the market, a lot of skill and patience Milo's coat is looking as fabulous as ever!

His mum was so surprised he didn't come out all shaved and short, she was in complete amazement which was so nice.

Love Milo!

Some of the solidly matted area:

The matted area, now knot free and glossy:

Before his bath, dematt & full groom

All finished ☺

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