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Dogs LOVE these edible natural chews?!

I highly recommend these for all dogs! Much better to prevent dental issues before they start.

100% Rawhide.

The natural 'toothbrush' for your dog! Available in our Boutique in a range of shapes and sizes, something for all breeds! We also sell natural Antlers.

Rawhide chews from only £1.99!

Here is Ellie enjoying hers! Because they are such high quality and thick (not just puffed) they longer, providing a real treat for your dog and also a great dental care aid.

Never leave any toy/ chew with your dog unsupervised. When the Rawhide gets to a smaller piece, the same size as your dog's mouth I recommend throwing it away, and buying a new one.

RAWHIDE is fully digestible! Farm Food Rawhide is solely made of fully digestible hypodermic interstitial tissue. Therefore the dog can easily digest the complete Rawhide with no trouble at all.

RAWHIDE is absolutely clean and save.

There are no chemical substances!

RAWHIDE does not cause allergic reactions. Farm Food Rawhide can often been given to dogs that suffer from food-allergies without any problem assuming that it is not a beef allergy.

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