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Specialists for Nervous Dogs

Teddy the Pomeranian came from a troubled start with his past experiences of visiting the dog groomers however by the end of just his first visit with Spoilt Rotten he was like a different dog, he now loves visiting us and having his spa day! What a lovely little boy he is 😍

We specialise in rehabilitating dogs who have a negative feeling around visiting grooming salons and we take pride in the difference we make to every individual 😊 if you have a dog with special care contact Natasha for assistance Because they mean the world to us and deserve to be Spoilt Rotten! Our ethos is to treat every dog as our own, with unconditional love, compassion and patience. Visiting the grooming salon should be a positive, enjoyable and excitable experience for every dog and not a feared one. It's all about them, their well being and their happiness. Chalfont St Peter 01753424260

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