Heatstroke in dogs


Whilst it's a lovely hot season for us humans to sunbathe and enjoy being outdoors... it's not the same for our beloved #spoiltrottendogs

Dogs cannot cool down in the same way as humans, certain breeds are more affected then others and with the majority of doggies being 'over hairy' whilst we're trying to catch up on a huge back log of appointments due to lockdown... they are more prone to over heating...

Please READ & *SHARE* this post with everyone you know with a dog!!


🐾 Ensure fresh, clean water available at all times

🐾 Avoid pavement walking as this can burn doggies pads and cause infection

🐾 DO NOT feed ice cubes

🐾 Ensure plenty of shaded areas in the garden, or keep your doggy in the cool kitchen

🐾 Never leave in a car

🐾 Spray them with cool water

🐾 Pop in to the boutique for 'cooling products' we have cool mats/ cool toys you fill with water/ cool water bowls/ cool jackets (they're really nice!!) and doggy ice cream (frozzy's) also

🐾 Call your VET IMMEDIATELY if concerned in any way!!

If you're worried in any way that your dog may be showing signs of #heatstroke PHONE YOUR VET IMMEDIATELY!!

I've seen heat stroke affect many dogs first hand with dogs at the vets when I was a veterinary practice manager and it is one of the hardest things to see, you can do your best to prevent it. One little doggy was walked during the hot summer, he was overweight which made it even harder for him to cool down, he overheated without his mum realising, he curled up on his mums bed and died, it's an incredibly sad story but it happens and I want to share it with you all so you can see how easily the signs can be missed :-(

#heatstrokeindogs #overheatingdogs

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